Head Found in Latest Bole-Bamboi Ritual Murder Incident, Confirms MP


Yusif Sulemana, the Member of Parliament for Bole-Bamboi, has confirmed that the head of the decapitated body involved in the latest suspected ritual murder incident in Bole has been found.

The severed head was discovered in a polythene bag on the outskirts of Bole Township. “It tells you that the person was trying to run away with it but I think for some reason decided to leave it there and we are still monitoring to see how we can handle the situation,” Sulemana said during an appearance on JoyNews’ AM Show.

The gruesome discovery came just hours after the headless body was found on the pavement of St Kizito’s Primary School. The yet-to-be-identified victim was found naked, with both the head and manhood removed.

This incident is the latest in a series of similar horrific events that have plagued the town. In 2022, several bodies were found partially buried with missing body parts. The recent killings have taken a more disturbing turn, with mentally ill individuals and night security guards, commonly known as watchmen, becoming targets. Between January and June this year, four bodies were discovered in different locations around Bole.

In response to these ongoing disturbances, residents of Bole have imposed a self-initiated curfew to curb the series of gruesome serial killings in the area.

MP Sulemana mentioned that local Assembly Members and security personnel are actively engaging with the community to gather more information and provide reassurance. “A community watchdog programme is also being put together,” he added, emphasizing efforts to enhance local security and prevent further incidents.

The authorities continue to investigate these chilling events, working to restore safety and order in the Bole Township.

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