Ho High Court Orders Peter Amewu to Testify in SALL Election Denial Case

The Ho High Court has directed Peter Amewu, the second respondent in the ongoing SALL election denial case, to provide his testimony on July 2, 2024. This decision follows a statement from Amewu’s counsel, explaining his absence due to a national assignment.

During the court session, counsel for the petitioners, Tsatsu Tsikata, emphasized that Amewu’s behavior undermines the court’s authority. Amewu was expected to testify at the previous adjourned date but failed to appear.

Before the trial began, Amewu allegedly evaded court bailiffs for nearly a year, with reports of his associates inflicting violence on the bailiffs.

In addition to ordering Amewu’s testimony, the court addressed two new issues filed by Amewu’s counsel. These issues challenge the court’s authority to declare the enactment of C.I 128 unconstitutional and question whether the Electoral Commission had the power to place the SALL communities under the Jasikan District.

The inclusion of these issues followed extensive legal exchanges between the counsels. The petitioners’ counsel argued that the existing issues already encompassed these points, while Amewu’s counsel argued that the court lacked the jurisdiction to declare C.I 128 unconstitutional, citing Article 130(1) and (2) of the 1992 Constitution. The Electoral Commission’s counsel supported this position, asserting that C.I 128 was the legal instrument under which the 2020 election was conducted nationwide.

Tsikata countered, emphasizing that the High Court’s jurisdiction was specific to the Hohoe constituency and the validity of C.I 128 in excluding the SALL traditional areas from that constituency.

The court concluded that should Amewu wish to file an additional witness statement after addressing the new issues, he must do so within three days. Amewu’s counsel indicated they might not file additional statements and suggested Amewu might opt not to testify at all.

The next court session on July 2 is anticipated to be a critical moment in the SALL election denial case, as all parties await Amewu’s potential testimony and the court’s rulings on the additional issues.

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