WhatsApp Chats Reveal Tensions Between Attorney-General and Businessman in Court

In a dramatic courtroom cross-examination, WhatsApp messages between Ghana’s Attorney-General, Godfred Yeboah Dame, and businessman Richard Jakpa took center stage. The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Yvonne Atakora Obuobisa, confronted Jakpa with the content of these messages, suggesting that he had intentionally withheld certain messages to conceal his persistent attempts to contact the Attorney-General.

During the cross-examination, Obuobisa argued that Jakpa’s failure to present all messages was deliberate. She claimed that a complete record would reveal Jakpa’s relentless harassment of Dame, who reportedly responded sparingly to the barrage of messages. Jakpa refuted these accusations, asserting that even if deleted text messages and voice calls were included, the total number would not amount to the 68 messages claimed by the prosecution.

“If she decides to include deleted text messages and voice calls, and deleted text messages and if you add all of them they are still not up to the 68 he is claiming, and text messages are different from voice calls,” Jakpa contended.

Further complicating the case, the DPP accused Jakpa of attempting to exploit his relationship with Justice Kulendi to secure a private meeting with the Attorney-General. Jakpa firmly denied this, stating that his messages did not mention Justice Kulendi.

β€œIt is the A-G who roped in Justice Kulendi into the private meeting,” Jakpa responded, rejecting the implication that he had used his connection with the Justice for personal gain.

The case continues to draw public attention, highlighting the complexities and personal dynamics at play within Ghana’s judicial and political landscape. The revelations from the WhatsApp chats underscore the tensions and the intricate web of relationships influencing the proceedings. As the cross-examination unfolds, it remains to be seen how these digital exchanges will impact the court’s final judgment.

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