Ghanaian Toddler Ace-Liam Ankrah Sets World Record as Youngest Male Artist

Ace-Liam Ankrah, a toddler from Ghana, has made history as the world’s youngest male artist. The discovery of his talent was accidental, according to his mother, Chantelle Kukua Eghan. When Ace-Liam was just six months old, he stumbled upon her acrylic paints.

Eghan, an artist herself and founder of Arts and Cocktails Studio in Accra, Ghana, was looking for a way to keep her son occupied while she worked on her own paintings. “I spread out a canvas on the floor and added paint to it, and then in the process of crawling he ended up spreading all the colors on the canvas,” she explained.

This unintentional creation became Ace-Liam’s first artwork, aptly titled “The Crawl,” Eghan, 25, shared with The Associated Press.

Encouraged by his early interest, Eghan continued to involve Ace-Liam in painting activities. In June, she applied for a Guinness World Record, and by November, she was informed that to break the previous record, Ace-Liam needed to exhibit and sell his paintings.

In January, Ace-Liam’s first exhibition was held at the Museum of Science and Technology in Accra. Nine out of his ten listed pieces were sold, although Eghan did not disclose the sale prices.

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