Franca Choice: A Journey of Versatility, Adaptability, and Family Commitment

We had the privilege of speaking with Francisca Isioma Echefu, known to many as Franca Choice. A dynamic professional, Franca excels as a Global Brand Ambassador, Event Host, Certified Family and Couples Therapist, and Author. Additionally, she is an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, affectionately known as #QueenPeplum. With a personal and professional life dedicated to promoting family values, Franca has made significant strides in her various roles. Let’s delve into her remarkable journey.

A Versatile Professional

Francisca Isioma Echefu is a name synonymous with versatility and adaptability. Balancing her roles as a Global Brand Ambassador and a Certified Family and Couples Therapist, she has carved a unique niche for herself. “Each of my roles allows me to make a unique impact, whether it’s through promoting brands globally or helping couples strengthen their relationships,” she explains. Her secret? Organization and prioritization, which she believes are key to managing diverse responsibilities effectively.

Overcoming Financial Challenges with Every Kobo Venture (EKV)

Every Kobo Venture (EKV), a savings scheme founded by Franca, has been in the spotlight recently due to financial challenges. The unexpected inflation and delays in loan repayments last December posed temporary operational difficulties for EKV. However, Franca remains committed to resolving the situation transparently. “Over half of the owed funds have already been refunded, primarily from my personal resources, and we are actively working to address the remaining refunds,” she assures.

Introducing “Bedmatics101 on the Streets”

Franca’s passion for promoting healthy marriages led to the creation of a new series, “Bedmatics101 on the Streets.” This initiative involves interviewing couples about their marriage journeys, providing a platform for real couples to share their experiences and wisdom. “Marriage is a sacred institution, and I wanted to create a platform where real couples could offer unfiltered insights into what makes their relationships thrive,” Franca explains. She believes there is immense value in learning from real-life stories and experiences.

Balancing Professional and Personal Life

Known for her unwavering commitment to family values, Franca manages to balance her professional endeavors with her personal life seamlessly. “Balancing work and family is always a priority for me,” she says. By carving out dedicated time for her family amidst her busy schedule and involving them in some of her professional projects, such as creating comedic skits for social media, Franca ensures that family bonding and professional work go hand in hand.

Exciting Future Endeavors

Looking ahead, Franca has several exciting projects in the pipeline. In June, she plans to launch a Libido Booster for Married Couples, aimed at enhancing marital intimacy. Additionally, the annual 30-Day Virtual Prayer Marathon on TikTok and Facebook continues to empower women worldwide to pray for their husbands and marriages. “I remain committed to empowering families, strengthening marriages, and making a positive impact in the world,” Franca says with enthusiasm.

Vision for the Future

Franca envisions a future where her various initiatives continue to expand and evolve to meet the changing needs of individuals and families. “My vision for Franca Choice is to continue expanding our reach and impact, both locally and globally,” she shares. She is dedicated to maintaining a focus on integrity, transparency, and empowerment. “Together, we can build stronger families, healthier marriages, and a more connected community,” Franca concludes.

Through her multifaceted career and unwavering dedication to family values, Francisca Isioma Echefu exemplifies the spirit of versatility and commitment. Her journey continues to inspire many, proving that with passion and determination, one can indeed make a meaningful impact in the world.

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