Office of the Special Prosecutor Denies Allegations of Withholding FBI Corruption Report in Cecilia Dapaah Case

Sammy Appiah Darko, Director of the Strategy, Research, and Communication Division at the Office of the Special Prosecutor, has rebutted claims made by the Attorney General regarding the handling of corruption investigations involving the FBI in the Cecilia Dapaah case.

Contrary to assertions by the Attorney General, Darko clarified that the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) did not formally request the FBI’s corruption investigation report. He emphasized that EOCO merely stated they had not seen the FBI report, not that they requested it.

Darko elaborated that even if EOCO had made such a request, protocols mandate inter-agency collaboration and clearance procedures. The sensitive nature of the FBI report necessitates clearance from the Special Prosecutor’s office or direct transmission from the FBI itself.

This clarification follows the Attorney General’s advice to EOCO against initiating money laundering investigations into Cecilia Dapaah’s affairs. The AG’s office claimed that the OSP failed to provide the FBI corruption report to EOCO, despite earlier correspondence.

Further examination of the case docket by the Attorney General revealed no evidence of corruption against Cecilia Dapaah. However, Darko contested this assertion, highlighting the OSP’s referral to EOCO and the Attorney General’s directive for police to probe the source of Dapaah’s wealth.

Darko affirmed that the OSP provided EOCO with comprehensive information, indicating a significant level of cooperation. He clarified that the OSP’s focus was on corruption investigations, not money laundering. Therefore, the OSP was not obliged to produce a money laundering report for EOCO.

He questioned the rationale behind conducting money laundering investigations without evidence of criminal activity associated with the assets in question. Darko maintained that the OSP fulfilled its obligations and provided EOCO with relevant information for further inquiry.

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