Presidential Aide Praises Government’s New Accountability Tool

Dennis Miracle Aboagye, a presidential staffer, has commended the government’s latest initiative – a comprehensive performance tracker – emphasizing its significance in fostering accountability and transparency in governance.

During an appearance on JoyNews’ PM Express on Monday, Mr. Aboagye highlighted that the tracker builds upon previous efforts, particularly referencing the delivery tracker introduced in 2020, which laid the groundwork for this upgraded system.

“This is just a continuation of something we’ve been doing already. But the first time, we called it a delivery tracker and this is a performance tracker, basically an upgrade of what we’ve done in the past,” he explained.

Mr. Aboagye underscored the critical role of accountability and transparency in effective governance, especially in today’s digital age. He emphasized the importance of openly sharing information about government activities, enabling citizens to better comprehend, critique, and engage with decision-making processes.

Encouraging public scrutiny, Mr. Aboagye asserted the government’s willingness to receive feedback, including identifying and addressing concerns raised by citizens. He reiterated that the performance tracker reflects the government’s commitment to being accountable to the people it serves.

“There is nothing wrong if you put yourself out there for the people and they even identify gaps and they raise concerns about those gaps. So this tracker is one of the government’s ways of accounting to the people,” he concluded.

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