Former Minister Queries Government Over National Cathedral Absence in Performance Tracker

Former Health Minister Alex Segbefia has raised concerns regarding the notable absence of the National Cathedral from the recently revealed performance tracker, prompting questions about the accuracy and transparency of the government’s report.

During his contribution to the discussion on JoyNews’ PM Express, Segbefia highlighted significant discrepancies and oversights in the document, suggesting a lack of thoroughness in its compilation.

In particular, Segbefia questioned why the National Cathedral, which has received government funding, was omitted from the performance tracker. He emphasized the importance of ensuring accuracy in such reports, especially in matters of accountability.

According to Segbefia, the performance tracker displayed inconsistencies, which he attributed to what he perceived as a lack of diligence in its creation. He criticized the inclusion of projects not funded by the government, labeling them as misleading additions.

Furthermore, Segbefia expressed dissatisfaction with the tracker’s failure to encompass vital indicators such as the Press Freedom Index and Corruption Index, which he deemed crucial for a comprehensive assessment of the country’s performance.

In response, Presidential Staffer Dennis Miracles Aboagye acknowledged the shortcomings of the tracker, acknowledging it as a dynamic document subject to updates and improvements. He assured that all feedback would be considered and addressed accordingly to enhance the tracker’s accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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