New SSNIT Director-General, Kofi Bosompem Osafo-Maafo, Takes Office

Kofi Bosompem Osafo-Maafo assumes the role of Director-General at the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), bringing with him a wealth of experience and expertise to steer the organization towards its goals.

In an announcement made recently, Kofi Bosompem Osafo-Maafo emerged as the new head of SSNIT, signaling a new era for the institution. With a background in [mention any relevant background or experience], Osafo-Maafo is poised to lead SSNIT with diligence and dedication.

His appointment comes at a crucial time for SSNIT, as the organization navigates through various challenges and strives to enhance its services to beneficiaries. Osafo-Maafo’s leadership is expected to bring about positive changes and innovative solutions to address the needs of SSNIT’s stakeholders.

We look forward to witnessing the impact of Kofi Bosompem Osafo-Maafo’s leadership at SSNIT and wish him success in his new role.

About SSNIT:
The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) is Ghana’s statutory public trust responsible for managing the country’s social security contributions. Established by an Act of Parliament in [mention year], SSNIT plays a vital role in providing retirement, invalidity, and survivors’ benefits to its members. With a commitment to ensuring financial security for Ghanaian workers, SSNIT continues to evolve its services to meet the changing needs of its beneficiaries.

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