MP John Jinapor Urges Transparency from Ministry of Energy and ECG Amidst ‘Dumsor’ Concerns

Member of Parliament for the Mines and Energy Committee, John Jinapor, is calling upon the Ministry of Energy and the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to provide transparent information regarding the current electricity supply issues.

In recent weeks, many areas across the country have been grappling with intermittent power outages, commonly referred to as “dumsor.” In response, the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) instructed ECG, the power distribution company, to establish a load-shedding schedule.

However, ECG has denied the existence of a power crisis, attributing the unstable power supply to faulty transformers. Similarly, Energy Minister Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh has dismissed claims of “dumsor” and challenged the public to devise their own schedule if they believe there is a power crisis.

John Jinapor contends that the energy sector is facing generation challenges, impacting distribution. He suggests that rather than insisting on a load-shedding timetable, PURC should focus on strategies to enhance power generation.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Top Story, Jinapor expressed surprise at PURC’s directive, stressing that the primary issue lies in generation, not transformers. He emphasized the need for a resolution to the generation deficit to alleviate ongoing load shedding.

Jinapor also criticized Dr Prempeh’s response, accusing him of politicizing the sector’s challenges and neglecting to address the issue transparently. He urged honesty from energy sector managers to facilitate effective solutions.

Nana Amoasi VII, Executive Director of the Institute of Energy Security, echoed Jinapor’s sentiments, asserting that ECG and the Energy Ministry have a duty to provide a timetable amidst the power outages. He argued that consumers have a right to know when to expect power supply and criticized the minister’s dismissal of timetable requests as insulting.

Amoasi criticized the minister’s stance, suggesting that it indicates a directive from the Energy Ministry to withhold the timetable. He emphasized the importance of providing consumers with accurate information to plan their lives effectively.

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