Fatal Clash Erupts in Karaga District: One Dead as Residents Resist Military Intervention

A fatality has been reported in the Karaga District of the Northern Region following a confrontation between local residents and military personnel.

Sources from the Tamale Teaching Hospital have confirmed the death of a young girl who succumbed to gunshot wounds. Additionally, two individuals who sustained severe injuries are currently undergoing medical treatment at the same medical facility.

The clash occurred amidst disturbances on Monday morning within the Karaga township, leading to gunfire exchanges. According to accounts from residents, individuals donning military attire arrived in four armored vehicles and four police pickup trucks, allegedly attempting to apprehend the Regent of Karaga, Adam Sumani, at the old Karaga Palace.

Residents mobilized to resist the arrest, resulting in a chaotic situation. Gunfire reportedly ensued for approximately 45 minutes, causing injuries to 12 individuals. Three of the wounded were transferred to the Tamale Teaching Hospital, where one later passed away.

Following the clash, military personnel conducted a thorough search of residences, lasting nearly two hours.

Tensions in Karaga have been ongoing for the past two years, punctuated by sporadic violence. The dispute stems from conflicting chieftaincy claims, with Ya Na Abukari II, the overlord of Dagbon, appointing Abdulai Nantogma as the Chief of Karaga. However, resistance from some factions in Karaga led to the appointment of Mahama Sumani as Kar-Naa.

The recent disturbances were triggered by the passing of Mahama Sumani on March 12, 2024, and the subsequent assumption of the regency by his son, Adam Sumani.

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