John Dramani Mahama Criticizes Government’s Agenda 111 Project

The flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama, has voiced disapproval of the government’s Agenda 111 project, emphasizing concerns regarding its feasibility and sustainability.

Addressing clergy members in Accra, Mahama questioned the rationale behind simultaneously constructing over 80 hospitals without a clearly defined and sustainable source of funding. He labeled this approach as unreasonable and potentially unrealistic in achieving the set objectives within a reasonable timeframe.

Mahama proposed an alternative strategy, suggesting that commencing with a smaller number of hospitals, such as 40, and ensuring their completion before initiating additional projects would have been a more practical approach. He expressed skepticism about the current progress, noting that many of the hospitals are at various stages of completion without a clear indication of when they will be operational.

He remarked, “This government started their Agenda 111 as they call it and they started with 80 hospitals. I don’t know what survey was done before the hospitals were being put up, but most of them are at a certain stage of completion. One would have thought that they would start with what they can do and finish.”

Mahama’s criticism underscores ongoing debates surrounding the implementation and effectiveness of large-scale government projects, particularly in the healthcare sector.

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