Severe Storm Leaves Hundreds Homeless and Inflicts Damage in Bono Region Community

In a devastating turn of events, approximately 700 individuals have been displaced and 87 houses left roofless in Debibi, a farming community situated in the Tain District of the Bono region, following a fierce downpour.

Accompanied by strong winds and thunder, the torrential rainstorm wreaked havoc on both public and private properties, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

As a result, the displaced residents have been compelled to seek refuge with unaffected relatives and neighbors, while several schools grapple with damaged classrooms, leaving educational materials exposed to the elements. Among the affected institutions are Debibi Roman Catholic (RC) Kindergarten and Primary, Faith Preparatory Primary and Junior High, and Debibi Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Primary ‘A’.

According to Amoako Atta, the Assembly Member for the Debibi Electoral Area, the storm also ravaged Debibi SDA Church, Capstone Church, and the late Chief of Debibi’s palace, Nana Nangor, by tearing off their roofs. The onslaught lasted for approximately two hours, resulting in injuries to about nine individuals.

In response to the crisis, officials from the Tain District Assembly and the District Coordinator for the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) swiftly visited the community to assess the extent of the damage.

Atta stressed the urgency of assisting the victims in returning to their homes, despite the temporary shelter provided by friends and families. He appealed to the goodwill of individuals and organizations to provide relief items to enable the displaced individuals to resume their normal lives.

The victims, in turn, have implored the government, donor agencies, the Tain District Assembly, and philanthropists to support them in rehabilitating their damaged houses, highlighting the dire need for assistance in this trying time.

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