Ghanaian Teen Overcomes Bone Condition with Help from Ghana Gas CEO

“19-year-old Godfred Aidoo Receives Life-Changing Surgery and Hope to Return to School”

Godfred Aidoo, a 19-year-old student from Mando Senior High School in the Central region, faced a challenging two-year hiatus from education due to a debilitating bone condition affecting his ability to stand and walk properly. The financial burden of seeking medical attention, estimated at GH₵100,000, added to his difficulties.

In October 2023, JoyNews Assisting Editor Emefa Atiamoah-Eli highlighted Godfred’s plight, capturing the attention of Ghana Gas Company CEO, Dr. Ben K.D Asante. Dr. Asante’s philanthropy has now paved the way for Godfred’s return to education.

Under Dr. Asante’s support, Godfred underwent a life-changing surgery at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Koforidua on January 26, 2024, with a second operation scheduled for March. After two months of clinical care, Godfred has shown noticeable improvement.

In an interview with JoyNews’ Adobea Asare, Godfred expressed gratitude for the positive changes, saying, “After surgery, I’m happy. I still feel the pain, but in time, I will be fine. Now, I can walk with crutches and take a long walk.”

Godfred’s father, Joseph Aidoo, echoed the appreciation, stating, “I thank JoyNews for telling our story. I also thank the CEO of Ghana Gas for paying the hospital bills.”

Healthcare professional Georgina Bart-Plange at St. Joseph’s Hospital praised the success of the surgery and Godfred’s progress in physiotherapy. She mentioned, “Now, he is able to walk with a Zimmer frame. We are hoping to discharge him this very weekend and then he will be scheduled for a review in six weeks and hopefully come back for his next surgery.”

Despite the positive developments, Godfred’s journey is ongoing, requiring continued financial support to pursue his dream of returning to school.

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