Afua Asantewaa Alleges Breach of Contract by Guinness World Records in Singing Marathon Outcome Announcement

Social media sensation Afua Asantewaa has accused the Guinness World Records (GWR) of breaching their contract by announcing the result of her singing marathon before she had the chance to do so. In an interview on GTV, Asantewaa claimed that the contract with GWR stipulated that she would be informed of the results, allowing her to announce them to the public.

As of February 23, GWR had replied to a tweet stating that Asantewaa did not know the results due to difficulty accessing the email sent by GWR containing the outcome. Despite informing GWR about the email access issue on February 12, Asantewaa stated that they had not responded. She clarified that her team was preparing to announce the results once GWR communicated with them.

While anticipating public emotions surrounding the outcome, Asantewaa emphasized her commitment to transparency, stating that she would not intentionally hide the results. She highlighted that her team had planned a press conference to break the news when they received it.

In December 2023, Asantewaa undertook a singing marathon challenge to surpass the existing sing-a-thon record of 105 hours set in 2012. After a five-day singing marathon, ending on December 29, 2023, she sang for a total of five days, six hours, and 55 minutes. Despite eagerly awaiting the outcome, GWR remained silent, prompting Asantewaa’s team to expedite the approval process by paying $750 for a priority review.

GWR later announced that Asantewaa failed to break the record but wished her the best in future attempts. Asantewaa disputed claims that her money was refunded due to failure, stating that GWR acknowledged the payment when made in January but did not inform her about the review status. Despite the outcome, she expressed pride in the accomplishment of the five-day experience.

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