Ghana Police Disavows Official’s Comments on Exclusive Election Security Role

The Ghana Police Service (GPS) has characterized the recent remarks made by DCOP Mr. Gabriel Prince Waabu, Director-General, Research and Planning, as “an unfortunate statement.” In a panel discussion during the launch of Elections Headquarters, a JoyNews program covering the 2024 general elections, DCOP Waabu claimed that the Police Service would take the lead in providing security for the upcoming elections. The statements suggested that the military might not play a role, emphasizing that elections are internal matters within the police mandate.

The GPS has issued an apology to the Ghana Armed Forces for these comments and disclaimed DCOP Waabu’s assertions. In an official statement, the Police Service clarified that his position does not represent the service’s stance and that internal disciplinary processes are being initiated against the officer.

The statement highlighted the National Elections Security Taskforce Architecture, emphasizing that the GPS collaborates with all security services, including the Ghana Armed Forces, to ensure peace, security, and law and order during elections. The GPS affirmed that the approach to the 2024 General elections would involve cooperation with other security agencies, contradicting DCOP Waabu’s earlier statements.

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