Lecturer at KAIPTC Highlights Lack of Political Will to Address Bawku Conflict

A lecturer at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping and Training Centre (KAIPTC) has asserted that there is a notable absence of political will to address the Bawku conflict, following recent killings in the area by unidentified gunmen and military personnel resulting in five deaths.

Dr. Victor Doke, the KAIPTC lecturer, cited the breakdown of trust between the community and state agencies, emphasizing the failure to foster collaboration as a significant factor contributing to the ongoing violence. He pointed out the lack of coordination among state agencies responsible for maintaining peace, such as the military and police.

Dr. Doke attributed the lack of collaboration to the under-resourced security agencies operating in the area, suggesting that the government’s failure to adequately train and fund these agencies reflects a lack of political will. He emphasized the need for political commitment to invest resources, engage civil society organizations (CSOs), and involve non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in sustaining effective peace-building initiatives.

The lecturer urged the government to collaborate with peace-focused NGOs in Bawku to raise awareness among residents about the detrimental impact of the conflict on development. He stressed the importance of encouraging residents to surrender firearms voluntarily to ensure an end to gun violence in the region.

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