University of Ghana Denies Student Involvement in Assault on Alleged Homosexual Individual

The University of Ghana has refuted any connection between its students and the recent assault on an individual suspected of being homosexual on its campus. In an official statement, the university asserted that any community member found involved in the alleged incident would face appropriate sanctions.

The denial comes in response to a viral video on social media showing a naked young man being assaulted in the southern part of the university’s campus. The university, addressing public concerns, provided a sequence of events based on preliminary information from its Security Services Unit:

  • A young man, dressed as a female, sought accommodation in the Okponglo area and was accommodated by some women.
  • When his true identity was revealed, the women who housed him physically assaulted him.
  • A refuse collector, mistaking the young man for a woman, intervened and took him to a refuse collection site behind Dr. Hilla Limann Hall on the university campus.
  • Realizing the true gender the next morning, the refuse collector also assaulted the young man, instructing him to leave the area.
  • University students alerted the Security Personnel, who intervened and handed both the young man and the refuse collector (neither being university students) over to the Legon Police for investigation.

The university management expressed a commitment to justice and condemned any form of violence. The statement read, “The University of Ghana strongly denounces the assault and denigration perpetrated by the prospects seen in the videos posted on social media, and strongly condemns such acts of lawlessness. The University of Ghana would like to affirm its commitment to the safety, dignity and inclusivity of all persons.”

The university assured the public that a thorough investigation would be conducted to identify the perpetrators, and appropriate actions would be taken to address the situation. Management emphasized its commitment to enforcing university rules and regulations, stating that any community member involved in the incident would be appropriately sanctioned.–UmrF6apt6LRnttUm_v6M/view

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