Army Chief Dismisses Rumors of Declining Chief of Defence Staff Appointment

Major General Thomas Oppong-Peprah, Chief of Army Staff, has vehemently denied speculations suggesting that he turned down an appointment as the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS). Addressing the issue, the senior army official refuted the unfounded rumors, expressing his dismay at the unnecessary attacks he has faced as a result.

In an interview with JoyNews, Major General Oppong-Peprah stated, “The name Oppong-Preprah is stirring stomachs and heads and creating fear in people. I don’t understand why and so I have been attacked and they keep attacking me.” He further revealed that he recently received a publication insinuating that he had rejected the CDS appointment, causing disruptions in the military shake-up.

These comments follow a statement released by the presidency two weeks prior, refuting rumors of a politically-motivated military shake-up aimed at influencing the 2024 general elections. Major General Oppong-Peprah disclosed that the rumors had escalated to the point where individuals sought supernatural means to eliminate him, showcasing evidence of attempts to involve him in spiritual practices.

Asserting his resilience, he emphasized, “I am still standing here, I am not dead and I will not die. If you can’t cope up with what I do, just sit down and zip up. That is all.” Additionally, he clarified his ethnic background, highlighting that despite being mistaken for an Akyem, he is actually of Bono descent from Dormaa Ahenkro.

Addressing potential concerns about his leadership, Major General Oppong-Peprah attributed the achievements in the security service to collective efforts. He emphasized the collaborative nature of accomplishments over the past four years and urged against singling him out, saying, “It is teamwork, it is not me, Oppong-Preprah, so don’t attack me.”

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