Ghana Bar Association Welcomes Joint Declaration by Special Prosecutor and Judicial Service in Anti-Corruption Efforts

The Ghana Bar Association (GBA) has commended the collaborative efforts demonstrated in the joint declaration by the Office of the Special Prosecutor and the Judicial Service, emphasizing a robust commitment to combating corruption.

Saviour Kudze, the Public Relations Officer of the GBA, expressed his approval of the collaboration, describing it as a positive development that underscores a renewed dedication to the fight against corruption and related activities.

“We should collaborate, we should learn to engage each other rather than go in the way we normally do. But this is also to stress the point that this doesn’t take away the fact that court rules and procedures must be observed,” he remarked during an interview.

The joint declaration, officially announced on Wednesday, highlights the commitment of the Judicial Service of Ghana and the Office of the Special Prosecutor to jointly address corruption by enforcing the law collaboratively and ensuring fair hearings for all stakeholders in the criminal justice system. This commitment follows concerns raised by Ghana’s Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyabeng, regarding perceived unfair rulings on suspected corruption and corruption-related cases.

Agyabeng raised concerns about judges hindering the successful prosecution of politically exposed cases, asserting that such actions could be detrimental to the country. The joint declaration comes after engagements with various stakeholders, including the Ghana Bar Association.

Former MP for Tamale Central, Inusah Fuseini, who served on the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee, underscored the significance of the joint declaration in the country’s fight against corruption. He noted the judiciary’s concerns and their affirmation to collaborate in combating corruption through established institutions and procedures.

“Their position is clear, noting certain things that ought to be done, and then affirming their position to collaborate to fight this canker through established institutions, through established procedures,” said Mr. Fuseini.

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