Legal Practitioner Bobby Banson Disputes Speaker’s Claim on Special Prosecutor’s Office

Renowned private legal practitioner Bobby Banson has challenged Speaker Alban Bagbin’s assertion that the creation of the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) was futile. Banson argues that, since its establishment, the OSP has positively contributed to the nation’s anti-corruption efforts.

During discussions on the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill 2021, Speaker Bagbin expressed skepticism about the OSP’s effectiveness in combatting corruption, proposing the separation of the Attorney General’s department from the Ministry of Justice.

Responding to the Speaker’s comments on TV3, Banson called for public support for the OSP to ensure its success. He emphasized that the potential failure of the OSP would be a collective indictment on the entire nation, not solely on the Special Prosecutor.

Banson stated, “It is not true that the creation of the OSP is a waste of resources. We all agree that the Ministry of Justice should be decoupled from the Attorney General’s office. However, the constitution has not been amended. So if parliament has created the OSP, I think the best we can all do is to support the office to do its job for the purposes it was created.”

He further asserted, “If the office fails, it’s not an indictment on the person manning the office but all of us as citizens. So I don’t agree that the creation of the office was a needless creation.”

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