Idowu Omobola’s Vision: Elevating Nigerian Celebrations with Culinary Artistry


Virid Food Concepts Ltd, a renowned catering company founded by Idowu Omobola, Executive Director, and owner, is making waves in the culinary scene with its commitment to delivering delectable food experiences infused with elegance and sophistication. Specializing in party-oriented cuisines like Jollof rice and fried rice, Virid Food Concepts Ltd stands out for its unique blend of flavors and dedication to quality.

Inspiration and Motivation: A Culinary Journey

The genesis of Virid Food Concepts Ltd was fueled by a passion for culinary artistry and a vision to enhance the catering experience. The founders aimed to not only offer delicious food but also present it with a touch of sophistication. The company focuses on party-oriented cuisines, recognizing Jollof rice and fried rice as staples in Nigerian and West African celebrations, allowing them to showcase vibrant flavors and cultural significance while catering to diverse tastes.

Leadership Principles and Values: Guiding Success

Idowu Omobola, the visionary Executive Director, leads Virid Food Concepts Ltd with a set of principles and values integral to the company’s success. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, a commitment to quality, continuous innovation, fostering teamwork, and maintaining integrity are the core values that drive the company forward.

Party Jollof Differentiation and Quality Assurance: A Rich Culinary Experience

Party Jollof, Virid Food Concepts’ flagship product, stands out with its unique blend of flavors and spices, offering a rich and authentic taste. The meticulous selection of ingredients, precise spice balance, and traditional cooking techniques contribute to its exceptional quality. The company maintains strict quality control measures, including standardized recipes, chef training, and regular quality audits, ensuring consistent excellence.

Variety and Creativity in Rice Dishes: Culinary Innovation

Beyond Party Jollof, Virid Food Concepts presents a diverse range of rice dishes to cater to various preferences and dietary needs. From Coconut Rice to Fried Rice with Vegetables and Vegetarian Jollof Rice, the company’s creativity stems from a profound understanding of flavors, providing both familiar and exciting options.

Peppered Chicken: A Flavorful Accompaniment

The peppered chicken, a popular accompaniment to Party Jollof, boasts a flavorful profile with balanced spice levels. Marinated in a blend of carefully selected spices, the chicken offers a tantalizing taste without overwhelming the palate. Customer preferences and feedback guide the adjustment of spice combinations, ensuring a delightful culinary experience.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction: A Commitment to Excellence

Virid Food Concepts prioritizes customer satisfaction by adhering to rigorous quality standards, delivering excellent customer service, and actively seeking feedback. Feedback from surveys, review platforms, and direct interactions is analyzed and used for continuous improvement in menu items, service delivery, and overall customer experience.

Overcoming Challenges and Strengthening the Brand: Resilience in the Face of Adversity

The COVID-19 pandemic posed a significant challenge for Virid Food Concepts, disrupting the supply chain. The company overcame this obstacle by strengthening supplier relationships, diversifying sourcing channels, and implementing inventory management strategies. This proactive approach ensured the consistent availability of high-quality ingredients, reinforcing the brand’s reputation for reliability and quality.

Adapting to Changing Consumer Trends: Embracing Health and Diversity

Acknowledging evolving food industry trends, Virid Food Concepts introduces healthier options, including low-fat Jollof rice, vegetarian dishes, and gluten-free alternatives. These offerings maintain the company’s signature flavors while catering to the growing demand for health-conscious choices.

Promoting Party Jollof and Engaging with the Target Audience: A Comprehensive Approach

Virid Food Concepts employs a multi-faceted strategy to promote its brands, particularly Party Jollof. Utilizing social media, influencer marketing, targeted advertising, and public relations campaigns, the company actively participates in food festivals and community events, engaging with potential customers and showcasing its culinary expertise.

Future Plans and Expansions: Culinary Innovation on the Horizon

Looking ahead, Virid Food Concepts envisions expansion both within Nigeria and internationally. Plans include opening new outlets in major cities across Nigeria and exploring opportunities in neighboring West African countries. Culinary innovation remains a priority, with a focus on developing new dishes to delight existing customers and attract new ones.

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