Land Acquisition Expert Proposes Jail Time for Those in Possession of Natural Gold to Curb Illegal Mining

Kwame Gyan, a land acquisition expert, has suggested that to effectively combat illegal mining in the country, individuals found in possession of gold in its natural state should face imprisonment. Expressing his views on tackling illegal mining, Gyan emphasized that the current practice of burning excavators is not punitive enough to deter offenders from returning to the forest for illegal mining activities.

The lawyer argued that, as per the constitution, all minerals in their natural state are vested in the President, making it illegal for anyone else to possess them. Therefore, charging and imprisoning individuals found holding gold in its natural state at mining sites would serve as a more effective deterrent, preventing illegal miners from selling their mined gold due to the fear of legal consequences.

Gyan shared these insights during the launch of the JoyNews/Ecobank Habitat Fair at the Accra International Conference Centre. Earlier, he had advocated for potential homeowners to consider purchasing already-built houses instead of engaging in the complexities of land acquisition and building from scratch. Gyan highlighted the common issue of individuals facing land litigation troubles and spending their remaining years defending land titles acquired through the land acquisition process.

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