Fresh Shooting Incident in Nkwanta South Claims Six Lives, Heightening Security Concerns

In a tragic turn of events, six individuals are confirmed to have lost their lives in a recent shooting incident in Nkwanta South, Oti Region. Witnesses report that armed assailants opened fire on residents at the Nkwanta Central Market early this morning, resulting in the destruction of properties and prompting residents to evacuate, leaving the town eerily deserted.

Among the casualties, a police officer and five others are in critical condition, having sustained bullet wounds during the violent encounter. Currently, they are undergoing treatment at the Nkwanta St. Joseph Catholic Hospital.

The region has been grappling with tribal conflicts, primarily involving the Adele, Challa, and Akyode ethnic groups, centered around land litigation issues. However, the recent escalation can be attributed to tensions related to a Yam Festival organized by the Akyode people in Nkwanta, leading to fresh clashes.

Despite efforts by the Oti Regional Security Council to mediate and resolve the underlying issues, the town continues to experience unrest. Oti Regional Minister Joshua Mukubu has announced that the Regional Security Council has deployed personnel to investigate the root causes of this latest attack. Additionally, consultations with local chiefs and opinion leaders have been initiated to encourage residents to lay down their arms and restore peace.

Meanwhile, to ensure the safety of residents and maintain peace, law enforcement agencies, including police and military personnel, have been deployed in the area. The situation remains tense as authorities work to address the security concerns and prevent further violence.

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