Bono East Regional Coordinating Council Forges Partnership with Dangote Group for 12,000-Tonne Capacity Sugar Factory

The Bono East Regional Coordinating Council (BERCC) has entered into a strategic collaboration with the Dangote Group to establish a cutting-edge sugar factory boasting a substantial 12,000-tonne daily crushing capacity.

Announced by the Bono East Regional Minister, Kwasi Adu-Gyan, during the conclusion of the BERCC’s annual meeting for 2023 in Techiman, the proposed greenfield sugar project aims to occupy approximately 25,000 hectares of land for sugar cane cultivation, incorporating advanced irrigation systems.

Aligned with the government’s overarching agenda of transforming the country’s industrial landscape through the “One District One Factory” policy, the project seeks to generate employment opportunities for the youth and significantly contribute to regional development.

Situated in Kwame-Danso within the Sene West District of the region, the sugar factory is expected not only to cater to domestic and industrial sugar demands but also to produce valuable by-products such as molasses, fuel-grade ethanol, and food-grade water.

Mr. Adu-Gyan underscored that the project is currently undergoing parliamentary ratification to establish the necessary legal and regulatory framework. Parliament is expected to promptly include the sugar policy on its legislative agenda for swift enactment into law.

Highlighting the broader impact of local sugar production, the Minister envisioned the creation of agricultural and industrial jobs, fostering additional investments in commercial and industrial ventures that would contribute to the socio-economic development of the project area.

He urged Municipal and District Assemblies (MDAs) and the public to actively participate in the project’s initiation, citing its pivotal role in addressing unemployment challenges in the region and the nation at large.

Additionally, Mr. Adu-Gyan called upon MDAs to uphold and enhance security measures in the region, particularly in areas requiring heightened attention to combat robbery and other security concerns that have plagued the region.

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