Ghanaian Salon Owner in South Africa Reveals Monthly Earnings of GH¢13k and Dreams of Relocating to Canada or the US

Emmanuel Mensah, a successful Ghanaian salon owner operating in South Africa, recently shared that his monthly profits reach an impressive GH¢13,000. Despite his flourishing business, Mensah expressed his desire to move to Canada or the United States, citing challenges in obtaining permanent residency in South Africa, even with a child born to a South African woman.

In an exclusive interview with SVTV AFRICA, Mensah outlined the unique business model that has contributed to his success. While some competitors in the industry charge as low as 20 rands (GH¢13) per haircut, Mensah strategically prices his services between 60 (GH¢39) and 150 rands (GH¢98), considering the location of his salon. This approach has proven lucrative, allowing him to generate approximately 50,000 (GH¢32,911) to 60,000 rands (GH¢39,493) per month.

However, Mensah highlighted the primary challenge he faces: securing permanent residency in South Africa as a foreigner. Even having a child with a South African woman does not guarantee a straightforward immigration process, according to Mensah.

Addressing safety concerns for foreigners in South Africa, Mensah offered nuanced insights. He explained that safety varies based on the specific location, noting that areas with a lower foreign population may experience more violence. On the contrary, he suggested that living in areas densely populated with foreigners tends to be safer.

Emmanuel Mensah’s story illuminates the intricate challenges foreign entrepreneurs encounter in South Africa, balancing financial success with immigration difficulties and safety concerns. His aspirations to relocate to North America reflect a broader trend among individuals seeking more favorable conditions for residency and business opportunities.

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