Bernard Mornah Advocates Repurposing Saglemi Houses as 5-Star Hotels for Akosombo Dam Spillage Victims

Bernard Mornah, a prominent figure in the Arise Ghana movement, has aligned himself with civil society groups and concerned citizens, urging the government to consider relocating the victims of the Akosombo Dam spillage to the vacant Saglemi Housing Project.

Mornah emphasized that the nearly completed Saglemi houses could significantly improve the living conditions of those displaced by the dam spillage. Speaking on the JoyNews AM Show, he asserted that the government bears full responsibility for the calamity that has befallen the people of the Volta Region and should take robust measures to alleviate their suffering.

He pointed out that the government’s decision to release water from the dam without adequate alternative arrangements demonstrated a failure on their part. Mornah also highlighted the potential of the Saglemi housing project, suggesting that it could serve as luxurious accommodations, akin to five-star hotels, considering the dire circumstances faced by the affected residents.

Mornah’s comments come in the wake of numerous appeals by individuals and organizations, all urging the government to permanently relocate the victims. Many have argued that the Saglemi Housing Project, with its capacity and proximity, presents the most practical solution. However, the government has yet to address these requests.

Mornah criticized the government for handling the situation in a partisan manner, accusing them of prioritizing future votes over the immediate welfare of the affected people.

He also stressed the importance of declaring a state of emergency in response to the crisis, suggesting that this would garner international support and resources for those in need. Failure to do so, in his view, implies that the government’s actions were deliberate and not in the best interest of the affected communities.

This year’s release of water from the Akosombo Dam is not the first of its kind, with past spillage exercises dating back to 1966. The recent spillage, initiated by the Volta River Authority due to rising dam levels, has resulted in widespread flooding, displacing residents in the Lower Volta Basin and causing a humanitarian crisis in the region. Communities like Battor, Tefle, Mepe, Sogakope, Adidome, and Anlo have been severely affected, with their homes and farms submerged by the floodwaters.

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