Ghanaian MP Raises Concerns Over Electoral Commission’s Handling of Voter Registration

Clement Abas Apaak, Member of Parliament for Builsa South Constituency in Ghana, has expressed concerns about the Electoral Commission’s (EC) handling of the ongoing voter registration process, suggesting that it deviates from its mandated duties.

According to Apaak, the EC has not followed the prescribed procedures for the voter registration process. He argued that the EC’s responsibility, as outlined in the country’s laws, is to ensure that eligible citizens aged 18 and above, and of sound mind, can register at their convenience without being subjected to dehumanizing conditions.

Apaak emphasized that the issues surrounding voter registration are impeding the rights of Ghanaian citizens and called for these issues to be addressed. He specifically highlighted the challenges faced in his own constituency and expressed frustration at the difficulties in mobilizing youth who should be registering for the upcoming elections.

Apaak firmly asserted that the EC’s actions are not in accordance with the law and accused the Commission of acting unlawfully. He argued that the EC’s posture and actions contradict the intentions of the framers of the Constitution.

He expressed concern that the EC’s actions could potentially disenfranchise eligible voters due to various obstacles hindering easy access to their voting rights. Apaak stressed that the EC’s role is to facilitate voter registration for all eligible citizens, regardless of their number.

He urged the EC to expand the voter registration process by establishing registration centers in other electoral areas, which he believes would alleviate many of the obstacles faced by citizens.

Apaak’s comments come amid ongoing debates and concerns surrounding the voter registration process in Ghana, with various political parties and organizations raising issues related to accessibility and fairness in the registration exercise.

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