FDA Encourages Proper Iodization of Salt to Enhance Nutrition and Food Safety in Ghana

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) in Ghana is urging salt manufacturers to ensure the proper iodization of their products as part of efforts to improve the nutritional status and overall well-being of Ghanaians.

Mrs. Faustina Atupra, the Director of Food Safety and Consumer Education, emphasized the importance of the Universal Salt Iodization (USI) program, which mandates that all salt produced, imported, distributed, and marketed in Ghana meet specific standards for iodine content, quality, iodization, and packaging for both human and animal consumption.

However, FDA surveillance has revealed that some salt products on the market are not properly iodized. This issue was discussed during an open forum organized by the FDA at the Sege market in the Ada West District of the Greater Accra Region.

The forum, held as part of the commemoration of the 2023 World Food Safety Day, aimed to promote food safety in Ghana and facilitate dialogue among traders, producers, processors, and consumers. The theme for the World Food Safety Day celebration was “Food Standards Saves Lives.”

Mrs. Atupra emphasized that food standards are essential for ensuring food safety, covering various aspects such as hygiene practices, ingredient testing, storage, transportation conditions, and accurate product labeling. Upholding and enforcing these standards not only protects citizens’ health but also builds trust in the food industry.

She stressed the need for collaborative efforts involving the government, regulatory bodies, industry stakeholders, and consumers to address food safety challenges effectively.

In addition to these discussions, the open forum provided food vendors with education on topics like food safety, environmental cleanliness, personal hygiene, proper waste management, and the consequences of food adulteration. Traders were also informed about the importance of medical screening and obtaining permits before selling food to the public.

The event concluded with a food safety quiz competition among the traders, aiming to raise awareness and promote best practices in food safety within the community.

The FDA’s call for proper iodization of salt underscores the critical role of food safety standards in enhancing public health and nutrition in Ghana.

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