Classical Music Festival in Copenhagen Kicks Off with Canine Orchestra Members

In a delightful twist to the opening of a classical music festival in Copenhagen, Denmark, the orchestra welcomed some unexpected members – three talented dogs. Footage from the rehearsal showcases these canines contributing to the performance of the Hunting Symphony, a lesser-known composition by Leopold Mozart, the father of the renowned Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The festival’s chief conductor, Adam Fischer, took it upon himself to fulfill a unique aspect of the composer’s vision by including howling hounds in the performance. To achieve this, Fischer embarked on a rigorous audition process, reviewing numerous canine candidates for the role.

After careful consideration, Fischer selected three dogs, namely Cookie, Sophus, and Sica, for their exceptional barking abilities. However, their talents extended beyond mere barking on command. These canine musicians underwent an intensive three-month training program, mastering the art of barking when required while maintaining silence during the remainder of the performance.

The inclusion of these canine musicians adds a whimsical and memorable element to the classical music festival, paying homage to the historical preferences of composers and infusing the event with a touch of canine charm.

Watch below

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