George Afriyie Nominates Himself to Challenge Kurt Okraku in Upcoming Elections

Accra, August 11, 2023: George Afriyie, former Vice President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), has taken a bold step towards the upcoming GFA presidential elections by officially submitting his nomination to challenge incumbent Kurt Okraku for the esteemed position.

Amid a backdrop of anticipation and excitement, Afriyie visited the GFA Secretariat on Friday, August 11, to formalize his candidacy, just hours after Kurt Okraku had completed the nomination process.

Having previously contested for the presidency and narrowly missed out to the Dreams FC Bankroller in the previous elections, Afriyie remains undeterred and is determined to vie for the prestigious leadership role once again. His unwavering commitment is evident as he seeks to make a resounding comeback and secure the coveted GFA presidency.

The eminent election, scheduled for September 27 in Tamale, promises to be a pivotal moment in Ghanaian football history. Afriyie’s decision to throw his hat into the ring indicates his fervent desire to lead the GFA towards a promising future.

As of now, George Afriyie and Kurt Okraku are the sole contenders who have officially expressed their candidacies for the GFA presidential seat. The upcoming election is poised to be a contest of visions and aspirations for the future of football in Ghana, as these two formidable figures vie for the mantle of leadership within the country’s football governing body.

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