Urgent Call for Diplomacy and Peace Amidst Niger Coup and ECOWAS Tensions

Amidst the aftermath of the recent coup in Niger and the ensuing tensions between the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the new military government, Dr. Kingsley Obasohan, Director for Africa at the Institute of International Peace Leaders, has issued a compelling appeal.

Speaking at an induction ceremony for the Ghanaian team of the Institute, Dr. Obasohan implored the junta in Niger to prioritize diplomacy and step down in the interest of fostering lasting peace. Citing the dire consequences of armed conflict, he highlighted the potential for economic disruption and the infiltration of terrorist elements that often accompany such situations.

Dr. Obasohan ardently championed the cause of peaceful dialogue, asserting that the path of warfare is fundamentally counterproductive. He emphasized, “Anytime there is war, there is an economic sabotage and the infiltration of terrorists who take advantage of the situation, so war is actually not the way to go.”

With an urgent plea directed towards the heads of ECOWAS, he called for a continuous and open line of communication with the junta. He encouraged them to recognize the inherent value of democracy as a progressive alternative to military rule.

Detailing the Institute’s mission, Dr. Obasohan shed light on their proactive approach to address the growing youth population in Africa. He stressed the urgency of reversing the trend of African youth seeking economic opportunities abroad, especially in Europe and America. By establishing viable opportunities and resources within the continent, the Institute aims to curb, if not entirely halt, the migration of young Africans in search of better prospects.

Ambassador Solomon Adjei, Deputy Country Director of the Institute of International Peace Leaders, echoed the significance of maintaining peace within the sub-region. He emphasized that in a time of escalating tensions and uncertainty, prioritizing diplomacy and committing to peace becomes paramount.

Dr. Obasohan’s resounding call for peaceful resolution and diplomacy amidst the challenges in Niger and the broader West African region serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for sustainable and constructive solutions.

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