Altercation Between Tricycle Riders and Police Leaves Six Officers Injured at Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly

In a recent incident at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, a confrontation between police officers and tricycle riders resulted in injuries sustained by six officers. The situation escalated as the tricycle riders hurled stones, causing damage to the windshields of two vehicles belonging to KMA personnel. In response to the escalating unrest, a military unit was dispatched to restore order and quell the turmoil.

The confrontation arose when disgruntled tricycle riders gathered at the premises of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly in an effort to reclaim their impounded tricycles. However, their attempt was met with staunch resistance from the police forces, leading to a clash between the two parties. The intervention of a military team became necessary to diffuse the tensions and restore calm to the situation.

This angered the rider, resulting in a clash with the police.

In the process, six of the officers sustained injuries and are currently receiving treatment at the KMA clinic. The Assembly called in military intervention, who managed to disperse the mob and arrested 12 tricycle riders.

Communications Director for KMA, Afia Konadu, says the commercial tricycle riders earlier blocked the Suame stretch leading to the central business district.

“The police from Suame had to also come in and intervene. They moved from that area to the KMA yard for their seized tricycles but when we refused, they clashed with the police resulting in some injuries,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Assembly says it remains resolute in restricting the operation of commercial tricycles in the city.

“As an Assembly, we are resolute in keeping the city de-congested by restricting the operations of these tricycle riders,” she added.

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