Parliament to Launch Independent Enquiry into National Cathedral Project Amid Allegations of Impropriety”

Parliament has granted approval for an independent inquiry into the National Cathedral Project following the passage of a motion sponsored by Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, the North Tongu MP, along with some members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). The motion raised concerns about significant impropriety surrounding the 400 million dollars allocated to the project.

During the parliamentary session on Thursday, August 3, Mr. Ablakwa highlighted that $58 million has already been expended on the project. However, he expressed concern that the progress of the work completed does not align with the amount of money spent, raising doubts about the project’s financial management.

In response to these allegations, Parliament has taken the decision to conduct an independent enquiry to investigate the matter further and ensure transparency and accountability in the National Cathedral Project.

He thus urged the House to investigate the allegations of misappropriation in its expenditure and which need answers. 

“This motion is a very important one and I pray that this House will approve this under Order 191. The Order provides that the House at any time by motion appoint a special or adhoc committee to investigate any matter of national importance. The National Cathedral of Ghana is potentially the most expensive project of Ghana.”

“Already, Mr Speaker as we speak this project has ballooned from an initial $100m to $400m and is still rising. 

“So far, Mr Speaker about $58m has been spent on the project and what we see has become a subject of considerable controversy. We only see a hole and we are not too sure if it is really $58 million that has gone into the project,” he said. 

The North Tongu MP has already provided some information on what he believed are dubious regarding the construction of the project.

In his last epistle, he brought evidence of some portions of the incorporation documents for the fundraising of the project.

In a Facebook post on May 4, Mr Ablakwa posted a series of documents to back up his claims that the project is fraught with criminal activity.

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