NPP Issues Warning Against Independent Candidacy by Failed Aspirants

The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has issued a stern warning, stating that it will take disciplinary action against any unsuccessful presidential and parliamentary aspirant who chooses to run as an independent candidate after the party’s primaries.

The NPP claims that all aspirants seeking nominations in both the presidential and parliamentary races have signed an agreement committing themselves to support the eventual winners of the respective primaries.

Haruna Mohammed, the Deputy General Secretary of the NPP, emphasized that the party reserves the right to take necessary measures to deter any aspirant who goes against the commitment made during the primaries and decides to contest the elections independently. The appropriate sanctions will be applied in such cases, as per the party’s rules and regulations.

“These rules are designed before we open nominations so at the time of designing these rules, there was no aspirant and there was no way we could consult a non-existing aspirant.”

“This is a rule that the party has set, and if you know that when you lose you’ll contest as independent then you don’t pick the form or you don’t return the form, you wait until it’s time for independents to contest.”

“The sanctions are inside the rules, if you go against it, we will take you on because this is an agreement you have signed and the party will take the best decision,” he said.

The party has opened nominations for parliamentary primaries in orphan constituencies across the country, and has extended a golden handshake to the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Andrew Asiamah Amoako for omitting Fomena from the orphan constituencies open for contest. 

The Deputy General Secretary of the NPP told Joy News that the Fomena MP, though independent legislator, does business with the party in parliament.

Therefore, the Fomena constituency has been classified under those with sitting Members of Parliament and it will be opened when the party decides to conduct primaries for such constituencies.

“Everybody knows that Fomena is doing business with us so it has a different way of being treated just like the sitting Members of Parliament.”

“Even though the Fomena MP is an independent one, he’s still doing business with us, he votes with us, he takes decisions with us.”

“The point is, we’re doing for orphans and Fomena is doing business with us in parliament so the same way we don’t open for our sitting Members of Parliament, we would wait till we get there, but Fomena is doing business with us in parliament,” he explained.

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