Reverend Canon Dr. Lawrence Tetteh Reveals How He Attracts Presidents and Politicians to His Gospel Crusades

Evangelist and founder of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Reverend Canon Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, has shared insights into how he manages to draw presidents and other political figures to his major gospel crusades in Ghana.

According to him, the key lies in the politicians’ attraction to large crowds. Due to their preference for addressing sizable audiences, they find it difficult to decline invitations to well-attended events, including his gospel crusades.

Speaking on Joy Prime’s morning show, Dr. Lawrence Tetteh explained that even though he may not always extend personal invitations to politicians, they recognize the importance of being present at such events.

“I don’t get them to attend; they need to attend. Don’t forget that politicians love the crowd. It is only an unwise politician who would deny the crowd,” he stated during the interview with Roselyn Felli.

When asked if he provides them with a platform to campaign during the events, he clarified that he does not, but their mere presence at the crusades holds significance for them.

The evangelist recounted an instance when President Akufo-Addo attended one of his major crusades early in 2016 during his presidential campaign.

Dr. Lawrence Tetteh also shared a personal connection he had with the late President John Evans Atta Mills, who sought his prayers and support during his illness.

He attributed his ability to attract presidents and politicians to God’s anointing and his integrity, which he considers essential in the gospel ministry.

Drawing inspiration from the renowned American evangelist, Billy Graham, Dr. Lawrence Tetteh emphasized that his personality and lifestyle have played a crucial role in establishing connections with political figures not only in Ghana but also beyond its borders.

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