NPP Supporters Demand Centralised Venue for Super Delegates Congress in Accra Protest

Supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) took to the streets in Accra to protest and demand that the planned Super Delegates Congress be held at a centralised venue. The demonstration occurred during the party’s meeting at the Alisa Hotel. The main purpose of the protest was to exert pressure on the National Executive Committee (NEC) and National Council not to consider decentralising the selection process for reducing the number of presidential aspirants.

The party is currently finalising the elections process, and members of the group believe that a centralised venue for the Super Delegates Congress is crucial. They are opposing any moves to decentralise the selection process and are advocating for the congress to be conducted in a unified location. The NPP supporters’ actions indicate the intensity of the debate within the party regarding the selection process for the upcoming elections.

According to one of the leaders of the aggrieved party supporters, Yaw Obeng Boateng, decentralising the voting will compromise the election process.

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