Minority Caucus in Parliament Vows Non-Cooperation with Majority Amid MP Quayson’s Prosecution

Accra, Ghana – The Minority caucus in parliament has declared that it will refuse to cooperate with the Majority on any matter in the House as long as the prosecution of Assin North MP, Gyakye Quayson, continues.

The Minority, acknowledging that the Majority has the numerical advantage to carry out government business in the absence of the Minority, stated that the Minority members will not engage in government-related proceedings while the Majority is absent.

Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, the Minority Leader, emphasized that the presence of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) members is not a prerequisite for the Majority MPs to commence parliamentary sessions.

Speaking to the media after a parliamentary sitting on Wednesday, July 19, Dr. Forson made it clear that the NDC should not be expected to carry out government business on behalf of the NPP while they enjoy the comforts of their homes, receive salaries, utilize government resources, and campaign in their constituencies.

He added that the intensified persecution of Mr. Quayson by the NPP MPs makes it clear that cooperation between the two caucuses will be hindered.

Dr. Forson stated, “All options are on the table on a daily basis, and they should not expect cooperation from us. Amid persecution, cooperation would suffer, nothing more, nothing less. And that is the position of the NDC minority.”

While he did not disclose the specific approach the NDC MPs will adopt moving forward with Mr. Quayson’s trials, Dr. Forson urged the NPP MPs to prioritize government business in Parliament rather than persecuting NDC members.

He further criticized the NPP’s behavior, stating that their actions during the economic crisis demonstrate a lack of patriotism and moral authority to speak on the matter.

The Minority’s stance sets the stage for potential disruptions and challenges in parliamentary proceedings, as both caucuses have taken firm positions that could impede effective governance and decision-making processes.

As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how the NPP and NDC will navigate their differences and find common ground to facilitate the smooth functioning of Parliament.

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