Musician Capasta Appointed Head Coach of Norwegian Football Team

Ghanaian musician Capasta, renowned for his hit song ‘Telemo’ featuring Gasmilla, has embarked on a new career path as he assumes the role of Head Coach for the Norwegian Second Division side, IK Junkeren.

The announcement was made by sports journalist Saddick Adams, who shared the news along with captivating photos of Capasta, also known as Imurana Abdul Karim, in his coaching role. This development follows Capasta’s revelation in a previous interview with Zionfelix that he had acquired a coaching license.

Since taking charge of IK Junkeren, Capasta has displayed remarkable coaching prowess, guiding the team to a commendable 4th position in the league standings. His impact on the team’s performance has been notable, showcasing his ability to seamlessly transition from the music industry to the world of football.

Interestingly, Capasta’s coaching journey began years ago when he achieved success coaching an under-13 side in Europe, winning several prestigious titles. This experience laid a solid foundation for his coaching career, paving the way for his appointment as the head coach of IK Junkeren.

As the team continues to compete in the Norwegian Second Division, Capasta’s leadership and expertise will be instrumental in their pursuit of success. His passion for football, coupled with his extensive knowledge of the game, has positioned him to make a significant impact in his coaching role.

Capasta’s unique journey from the music industry to professional football coaching serves as an inspiration, highlighting the versatility and multi-talented nature of individuals. His appointment as Head Coach of IK Junkeren demonstrates the willingness of clubs to explore unconventional choices and provide

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— Saddick Adams (@SaddickAdams) July 12, 2023

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