President Akufo-Addo Urges Voters in Assin North Not to Support NDC Candidate in By-Election

President Akufo-Addo has called upon the residents of Assin North to avoid voting for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) candidate in the upcoming by-election. He emphasized that James Gyakye Quayson, the NDC’s parliamentary candidate, would be unable to fulfill his duties as a Member of Parliament (MP).

Expressing concerns about Quayson’s ongoing criminal trial, President Akufo-Addo cautioned that the candidate could potentially face imprisonment, leaving the constituency without effective representation. During the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) final rally ahead of the by-election, scheduled for Tuesday, June 27, the President urged voters to endorse the NPP’s candidate, Charles Opoku.

The President underscored the importance of the election for both the constituency and the nation as a whole. He emphasized the need to support individuals who are not entangled in legal controversies that may result in imprisonment. Akufo-Addo questioned the practicality of Quayson fulfilling his parliamentary responsibilities while in jail and urged voters to select someone who can actively work towards improving their lives.

Additionally, President Akufo-Addo denied allegations of interfering in the prosecution of James Gyakye Quayson, stating that he has never meddled in the judiciary’s work throughout his tenure as President.

The by-election in Assin North was necessitated when parliament officially declared the seat vacant following a Supreme Court ruling. The court determined that the Electoral Commission had acted unconstitutionally by allowing Quayson to contest the 2020 parliamentary election without providing proof of renouncing his Canadian citizenship. Consequently, the court ordered the removal of Quayson’s name from the parliamentary records, declaring his election null, void, and unconstitutional.

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