Political Marketing Expert Predicts Possible Victory for NDC’s James Gyakye Quayson in Assin North By-Election

University of Ghana’s Prof. Kobby Mensah identifies key factors favoring NDC candidate

According to Prof. Kobby Mensah, a political marketing expert at the University of Ghana, the current momentum in the Assin North constituency suggests that the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) candidate, James Gyakye Quayson, could emerge victorious in the upcoming by-election. Prof. Mensah bases his prediction on three key indicators that favor the NDC candidate.

One of the factors highlighted by Prof. Mensah is the aggressive campaign strategy adopted by the NDC. He notes that the party’s intense presence and efforts within the community could work in their favor, potentially influencing the election outcome.

As the by-election approaches, political analysts and observers are closely monitoring the developments in the Assin North constituency, keeping an eye on the campaigns and activities of the competing candidates. The outcome of the by-election will have significant implications for the political landscape in the region.

Prof Kobby Mensah

Mr Quayson is facing criminal charges following a Supreme Court ruling that the Electoral Commission acted unconstitutionally in allowing him to contest the 2020 parliamentary election without proof of him renouncing his Canadian Citizenship.

Speaking on Joy FM‘s Super Morning Show, Prof Mensah stressed that recent development since the state commenced the prosecution of the ousted MP has courted some empathy among the constituents in addition to what he had done for the community.

“If you have to stretch it, it looks like there’s quite a lot of empathy on the side based on what he’s done in the community and based on the fact that he’s in court. So you find that from the tapes and the footage that is actually coming from the community. Of course, I could be wrong but it looks like there is no sort of anger against him, and that actually puts him in a good position,” he said on Monday.

Finally, the University of Ghana lecturer believes the sentiment around the performance of the government as a whole is likely to play out in this by-election.

He explained that the constituents may also be suffering the effects of the economic downturn which may eventually influence their choice in tomorrow’s poll.

“Sadly, there is a general discontent against the government itself. It is not any secret. That is not, you know, anything that people do not know, all of us are very much aware that the government is not in the good books of many people, including the people of Assin North,” he insisted.

“If you take away the demographics, which of course, both candidates actually share the same origin, where they come from, and then if you add the other things that I’ve talked about – economic issues and sentiments against the government, obviously the kind of empathy that people are sharing for the MP – I think it puts rather the NDC candidate ahead of the NPP without any poll conducted.”

James Gyakye Quayson is going up against the New Patriotic Party (NPP) candidate, Charles Opoku.

For the constituents, this by-election represents a pivotal moment in shaping the future of Assin North and Ghana as a whole.

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