Kumasi Abattoir Ensures Safety of Meat Products Amid Anthrax Concerns

In response to a reported case of Anthrax in the Upper East Region, the management of the Kumasi Abattoir Company Limited is taking comprehensive measures to guarantee the safety of meat products for consumers. To this end, they have established a committee tasked with providing surveillance to ensure that livestock imported into the region are free from the disease and suitable for consumption.

Mr. Ibrahim Wahab Tikuma, the Chief Butcher of the abattoir, emphasized that these measures are part of their ongoing efforts to ensure that meat products originating from the abattoir are wholesome and safe for public consumption. The formation of the committee has strengthened the abattoir’s quality assurance mechanisms, which have always been a hallmark of their operations.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) ahead of the Eid-ul-Adha celebrations, Mr. Tikuma stated that the Kumasi Abattoir remains the safest place for Muslims to purchase their livestock for the festive occasion. He highlighted the abattoir’s conscious efforts to ensure that animals brought there are free from any form of disease.

However, Mr. Tikuma noted that patronage this year appears to be lower compared to previous years. He attributed this to high prices driven by low local production and currency depreciation. He called on the government to provide incentives to promote local livestock production, as currently only 20 percent of livestock is produced locally, with the remaining 80 percent coming from neighboring countries. He emphasized the need for a shift to ensure affordable and healthy meat products for Ghanaians.

Dr. Ernest Boateng, the Head of Public Health and a Veterinary Officer at the Kumasi Abattoir, reassured the public that no cases of Anthrax had been recorded in the Ashanti Region. He urged people to disregard speculations about Anthrax in the region and emphasized the strict measures in place to safeguard public health. Dr. Boateng assured the public that all livestock entering the abattoir premises undergo proper screening.

Mr. Michael Tongban, the Production Manager at the Kumasi Abattoir, stated that meat from the abattoir is safe for consumption due to various tests conducted before being sent to different markets. The abattoir’s commitment to quality and safety standards ensures that consumers can have confidence in the meat products they purchase.

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