Government Spokesperson: NDC Flagbearership Race Reveals Lack of Leaders in the Party

In a recent interview on Joy Prime’s morning show, Palgrave Boakye Danquah, the government’s spokesperson on governance and security, expressed his concerns about the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and its leadership crisis.

According to Danquah, the low number of candidates contesting for the flag-bearer position in the party’s recent primaries is a clear indication that the NDC is running out of capable leaders.

He pointed out that with only two candidates vying for the leadership role, the NDC lacks alternatives and is in danger of collapsing. Danquah emphasized that even within their own political party, the NDC is struggling to find strong leadership beyond the three individuals who initially expressed interest, with one eventually withdrawing from the race.

“The NDC is a political party that is imminent for collapse, and I hope that they don’t collapse,” Danquah expressed his concerns, underscoring the need for the NDC to address its leadership vacuum and find suitable candidates to lead them into the 2024 elections.

The lack of leaders within the NDC poses significant challenges for the party’s future and raises questions about its ability to effectively compete in upcoming elections.

The NDC successfully conducted its presidential and parliamentary primaries in May and overwhelmingly endorsed former President John Dramani Mahama as the party’s 2024 flagbearer. It also elected other parliamentary candidates.

That notwithstanding, the government’s spokesperson is confident in the leadership of the NPP due to the number of people vying to be flagbearers of the party.

The New Patriotic Party opened nominations for the election of its presidential candidate for the 2024 general elections on Friday, May 26, 2023. A total of 10 aspirants have so far picked up nomination forms to contest the New Patriotic Party presidential primary election.

This, according to Palgrave Danquah, shows that the party is strongly prepared for victory come 2024, considering the number and calibre of people contesting the primaries.

The government spokesperson further indicated that the party is to hold a super delegates’ congress in August to reduce the number to five before the major congress in November.

However, he believes Dr. Bawumia will surpass the other aspirants to lead the party and emerge victorious in the elections. He stressed that “the NDC is going to be in opposition for a very long time.”

The NPP will hold its national congress on November 4, 2023, when nominations close on Saturday, June 24, 2023.

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