Actor Ras Nene Engages in Heated Argument with Achimota Mall Security in Accra

Popular Ghanaian actor and YouTube sensation, Ras Nene, popularly known as Dr Likee, found himself in a tense altercation with the security personnel at Achimota Mall in Accra.

Sources revealed that Ras Nene had previously obtained permission to shoot his skit at the mall. However, he was unexpectedly denied access by the security team, leading to a confrontational situation.

In collaboration with socialite Efia Odo, Ras Nene had planned an engaging skit that would entertain their fans.

The skit involved playful interactions and shopping scenes.


Achimota Mall securities fights Akabenezer, Zack Gh, Efia Odo and their crew from shooting skit at their premises #akabenezer #tmzuslive

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Unfortunately, upon their arrival at Achimota Mall, the mall’s security team promptly confronted them. The security personnel, responsible for maintaining order and protecting the mall’s premises, informed Ras Nene and Efia Odo that shooting skits without proper authorization was strictly prohibited.

Ras Nene refused to back down easily. He passionately argued his case, drawing attention to the incident involving Meek Mill at the Jubilee House in Ghana, where the American rapper appeared to have been allowed to capture photos and videos without restrictions.

Frustrated by what he perceived as a double standard, Ras Nene engaged in a spirited debate with the security personnel, asserting his rights as a public figure and entertainer.

Meanwhile, social media users have been sharing their thoughts on the incident, sparking further conversations about how public spaces are managed.

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