Suspects Arrested, Authorities Pursue Others in Mempeasem and Lukula Community Attacks

In the ongoing land and chieftaincy disputes in the Savannah Region, the police have made significant progress by apprehending three individuals and actively pursuing others involved in the violent attacks on the Mempeasem and Lukula communities.

On 30th May 2023, a gang numbering about fifty (50) invaded the Mempeasem community and kidnapped a 50-year-old man. The gang, however, fled into the bush when the Police responded to the attack.

The police managed to rescue the kidnapped victim and retrieved one (1) AK-47 weapon together with 14 rounds of ammunition, seven (7) motorbikes and two (2) bicycles from the scene of the incident. A search for the suspects in the area led to a further retrieval of a bag containing 240 AK-47 ammunition.

On 1st June 2023, the police, while on patrols within the communities, responded to another distress call of an attack by another gang on the Lukula community. The said suspects who were on a rampage, burning houses and shooting randomly, opened fire on the police upon seeing them.

Police arrest three persons, pursuing others in connection with attacks on Mempeasem and Lukula communities in Savannah region

The police immediately responded and succeeded in arresting three of the suspects, namely; Razak Sulemana, Musah Shanun and Karim Abdul Rafiuw.

The three suspects, who sustained gunshot wounds during their arrest, are currently receiving treatment at a medical facility.

A search conducted on them led to the retrieval of one (1) pump action gun, two (2) single barrel guns, one long knife, 80 live cartridges, some talismans and cowries.

Police arrest three persons, pursuing others in connection with attacks on Mempeasem and Lukula communities in Savannah region

After restoring calm in the area, the police had information that an 81-year-old man from the Lukula community was allegedly shot by the rampaging gang on his farm. The police proceeded to the farm, and with the help of his children, took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead by the authorities. The body has since been deposited at the hospital for preservation and autopsy.

Following police encounter with the suspects and the subsequent arrests, some individuals believed to be sympathisers of those arrested, attacked the Daboya Police Station, causing damage to accident cars parked at the station and some louvre blades within the barracks. The police, however, resisted the attack and took control of the situation.

Calm has since been restored and security has been strengthened in Daboya and its surrounding communities to forestall further attacks. Efforts are currently ongoing to get the perpetrators, including those who attacked the police station, arrested to face justice.

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