GHANENGCOY 10 engages in CIMIC activity in Timbuktu to support MINUSMA’s mandate

Civil-military activities continue to play a crucial role in Peace Support Operations, and the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) is no exception.

The Ghana Engineer Company 10 (GHANENGCOY 10) in Timbuktu Mali, as part of its social interaction and winning hearts and minds, conducted a needs assessment of a section of the population of Timbuktu. 

Between March and April 2023, the Company identified and selected 25 male and female traders within Timbuktu. 

Company 10, through the Sector West’s Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Office, identified 25 persons in Timbuktu town who had sewing skills or had just completed training in clothes making but were unable to commence work due to a lack of sewing machines. 

On Tuesday, May 30, 2023, the Company and MINUSMA CIMIC Office organized a donation exercise at Timbuktu at the forecourt of the Regional Administrative Office.

Despite the challenging security situation in the sector, the Company in close coordination with the United Nations Department of Security Services (UNDSS) and CIMIC Office organized the donation for the selected participants. 

Beneficiaries were given new sewing machines by the Ghana contingent.

GHANENGCOY 10 conducts CIMIC activity in Timbuktu in support of the MINUSMA mandate

The Mayor of Timbuktu town, Mr. Aboubacrine Cisse, was present at the donation ceremony as well as a representative of the Malian Armed Forces Commander in Timbuktu, SLT M. Camara.

The Mayor of Timbuktu in his address welcomed the gesture by MINUSMA and Ghana for identifying the youth in the community and boosting their skill sets.

Mr. Aboubacrine Cisse was also appreciative of the Ghanaian Contingent and remarked on the long-standing relations between Ghana, Mali, and MINUSMA.

The Sector West G9 Chief, Lt Col Jaleel Abbas, indicated that the gesture was a commendable one and thanked Engineer Company 10 for the initiative. 

He further encouraged the recipients to utilize the machines to improve their livelihoods and the community.

The Commander of Engineer Company 10, Lt Col Kofi Poku, indicated that the effort was aimed at improving relations between the Timbuktu community and the Ghana Contingent while increasing the MINUSMA footprint in Timbuktu.

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