Call for Action: NDC Abuakwa North Branch Members Urge National Party to Penalize Executives Hindering Parliamentary Candidate Aspirants

Branch executives of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Abuakwa North constituency are calling on the national executive council of the party to punish constituency executives for frustrating parliamentary candidate aspirants.

According to the aggrieved branch executives, the constituency executives are supporting one of the aspirants and are thus frustrating the other aspirants.

This, they insist if not urgently addressed, will hamper the progress of the party and its quest to capture the seat from the New Patriotic Party.

In a press release issued on Wednesday, May 25, the branch executives have asked the national leadership to take action against the constituency executives.

“In conclusion, we are hereby humbly and respectfully requesting the Regional and National Executives to as a matter of urgency look into these issues and apply the necessary sanctions to these 5 executives.

“We are requesting that, these 5 executives should be made to step aside and not to be involved in anything to do with our parliamentary primary elections, since they have proven beyond all reasonable doubts, by their actions that they cannot be trusted to conduct a free ad fair election here.

“They have openly declared their support and loyalty to one candidate, Mr. Charles Yeboah (Ozey) and we believe they will do anything to skew the elections in his favour,” excerpts of the statement said.

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