Joy SMS Listener Shares Unpleasant Experience With Romance Scam After Seeking Adventure.

He identified himself as Selorm when he called into Joy Super Morning Show’s discussion of romance scams, said to have registered an uptick in recent times.

Selorm had a bitter-sweet experience to share – how he almost fell victim to the scam under the pretext of love on social media.

He said it began when he accepted a friend request from an unknown female on Facebook. After accepting the request, the lady started making constant demands, “sometimes ¢5 airtime, a whole lot of issues”.

Selorm recalled there were times when the lady would send him naked videos and even call him at night on video showing her naked body and expecting him to do same. He went ahead and obliged her, enjoying the moment.

“I wanted to have a little adventure,” he stated.

While doing that, he disclosed that he was secretly being recorded without noticing. He added that even though he and the lady were not together, they managed to record both separately and put them together professionally.

“Not knowing as you’re doing all these, they have a system that they use to record, so they’ll record you and they’ll record the lady too separately, afterwards they put the videos together and put up a whole story as if they were in a media house,” he said.

Selorm further explained that a text message was then sent to him that his story had been brought up at a media house but they wanted to inform him before they could publish it.

“So you’ll also want to cooperate with them, then they will ask you to move from Facebook to WhatsApp, then they send the video to you, actually they have edited it so nicely, it begins with an introductory story before it reveals your naked body,” the man explained.

He said after watching the video, he received a call from an unknown number who decided not to share her identity and it was after that moment the blackmail began.

They tried extorting money from him but he decided not to fall into their trap. According to him, he was not bothered at all when they threatened to share the video on Facebook if he did not play ball.

“And I know Facebook if you send a nude picture there and it’s not authorized, it will automatically be deleted after some few seconds, so I wasn’t worried like that, they still continued the threats.”

“As for me, I told myself that I wasn’t a lady so there’s nothing I had to lose (should they go ahead to share the image) unlike females, I’m a man, even if they show naked videos online, it will serve as an open advertisement for the people who even like to see such videos,” Selorm indicated.

He cautioned individuals to be mindful when using social media and avoid accepting random friend requests especially from people who do not look familiar.

“You see, those who have been accepting friend requests on Facebook should be very careful, if they send you a friend request and you don’t know the person don’t accept,” he cautioned.

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